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It's All in the Details ...

Every custom home project starts out with collaboration between the owner and their architect. A continuous exchange of ideas takes place during face to face meetings. Draft plans are drawn and revisions are made until the final vision evolves. At that point the architect translates that vision into set of building plans and after review and approval by the local municipality the project is ready to start.
Building walls floors and ceilings is pretty straightforward work. But the connections between these surfaces and how they come together are what make the difference between a home and a “custom home”. Putting it simply, it’s all in the details” and that is where Westside Construction excels.
As you go through our website make sure to take note of the “big picture” but focus in on the details that make the “big picture” special. Only then will you realize that Westside Construction Company will be the perfect addition to the owner/architect team for when it’s all said and done, it really is “all in the details”.

"Please note as you explore the various projects on this website that Westside Construction Company was the General Contractor and actually built the homes pictured. The homes and details pictured were for the most part designed by specific Architects and credit will be given as appropriate."
Gary Greenbaum
Men at Work dba
Westside Construction Company